About Above Group

Above Group is a dynamic team of diverse and multifaceted scientists and engineers that provide design, engineering, and consulting services. We are a veteran-owned and operated small business born on Florida’s Space Coast. We know what it means to reach for the stars and go above and beyond, that is why we strive to do everything above the standard.

Our Mission

Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to those we reach.

Our Vision

Empower excellent AEC professionals to provide superior service.

Our Core Values


We practice Humility, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Kindness, and Social Responsibility


We are self-motivated, self-starting


We represent our brand
passionately and accurately


We take on the attitude and
responsibility of ‘owning it’


We go beyond great teamwork:
it’s how we support each other


We run toward challenges
instead of away from them


We provide excellent results
all the time, every time

Our People Strategy

We believe in a people strategy to be the fundamental driver of our organization. While we can never reach a perfect organizational model, we can certainly strive towards it in our daily efforts and mission. With that vision comes a focus of key initiatives we are working towards with indicators of how we believe it should resemble.

A collective understanding of what the organization stands for, where it is going, and how we will get there.

Indicators: A clear inspiring vision, well-executed strategies, and clear aligned goals.

Deeply held principles guiding all decisions and relationships that are reflected in the conduct of everyone at all times.

Indicators: High levels of trust and communications, uncompromising integrity and ethics, and socially responsible practices.

We foster win-win relationships in all areas of our business producing open, collaborative relationships that recognize and honor the commitments that people make to themselves, each other, their work, and to the organization.

Indicators: Respect for all individuals, effective problem solving and decision-making, clear accountability, and effective teamwork at all levels.

Flexible structures, processes, and technologies that allow people to do their best work and to collaborate effectively across boundaries, also incorporating the individual and organizational capacity of people’s knowledge.

Indicators: Clear organizational design, collective knowledge, the right tools and resources, the right people for the right jobs, effective knowledge and skill development, and leadership development at all levels.

Fair and meaningful performance requirements and measurements incorporating performance management and rewards reinforcing high performance.

Indicators: Clear and energizing performance requirements, relevant work measures, and differentiated rewards.

Messages from Our Team

“I would refer a friend to Above Group because of the professional growth potential.”

— Jill

“Above Group is the best place that I have ever worked.”

— John

“I feel like I found my calling
at Above Group.”

— Jake


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