Position: Mechanical Engineer (ME)

Above Group Overview

We offer you the opportunity to put your passion and your God given talents and abilities to use. Our goal is to attract and develop skilled, called, and passionate people to impact our devoted customers and our team. We want to attract immensely creative employees with an ability to inspire, motivate, and challenge others.

For more information, see www.abovegroupinc.com.

Our People Strategy

We believe in a people strategy to be the fundamental driver of our organization. While we can never reach a perfect organizational model, we can certainly strive towards it in our daily efforts and mission. With that vision comes a focus of key initiatives we are working on, listed here, with the indicators of what it should look like as we approach:

  • Shared Direction: A collective understanding of what the organization stands for, where it is going, and how we will get there. Indicators: a clear inspiring vision, well-executed strategies, clear aligned goals.
  • Authentic Values: Deeply held principles guiding all decisions and relationships and reflected in the conduct of everyone at all times. Indicators: high levels of trust and communications, uncompromising integrity and ethics, socially responsible practices.
  • Productive Relationships: Open, collaborative relationships that recognize and honor the commitments that people make to themselves, each other, their work, and the organization. Indicators: respect for all individuals, effective problem solving and decision-making, clear accountability, effective teamwork at all levels.
  • Liberating Processes: Flexible structures, processes, and technologies that allow people to do their best work and to collaborate effectively across boundaries. Indicators: clear organizational design, collective knowledge, the right tools and technologies, the right people for the right jobs.
  • Outcome Learning: Results-focused learning that strengthens individual and organizational capacity to cope with the present and define the future. Indicators: continuous teaching and learning, effective knowledge and skills development, leadership development at all levels.
  • Motivating Metrics: Fair, meaningful performance requirements, measure and rewards that reinforce high performance and manage poor performance. Indicators: clear and energizing performance requirements, relevant work measures, differentiated rewards.

Our Vision – What We Want to Do

To provide a means of peace, stability, and flexibility to all those employed and served by serving our customers with excellence to achieve profitable growth which enables us to care for people and support missions and ministries in a way that honors God.

Our Mission – Why We Exist 

To provide the best Engineering, Design, and Consulting solutions to the problems our customers face by leveraging technical expertise while striving to do everything above the standard and above expectations, focusing on:

  • Technical Excellence
  • Responsive Communication
  • Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Superior Service
  • Guaranteed Performance 

Our Values – How We Will Accomplish This Mission

Our Core Values are the tools we use and the behaviors we exhibit as Employees of Above Group. They describe how we work together to achieve this special place we’re developing and how they make us uniquely successful.

We are a company built on a foundation and structure of Christian values of humility, honesty, integrity, respect, kindness, and a sense of social responsibility. Our goal is to create eternal value by striving to honor God in all we do and setting our minds on things above. This is reflected in how we conduct our business, how we serve our customers, and how we care for our employees – our greatest asset.

Mechanical Engineer (ME)

The Position

The Mechanical Engineer for Above Group shall contribute and support HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Process, and Utility Engineering efforts for the firm. The ME shall be a graduated engineer from an ABET accredited institution who shall directly contribute to the Firm and its success through engineering and design efforts. The ME is also responsible for contributing to the growth of the team by leading and mentoring them in expanding their capabilities and contributions. The ME shall execute engineering and design duties as required to ensure quality products.

The ME shall be an Engineer registered as a Professional Engineer (PE) at a minimum. Additional credentials are encouraged and desired.

  • The ME is a Mechanical Engineer by education and experience:
    • Ability to combine personal judgment with information to implement design criteria.
    • Has expertise in fire protection, HVAC, mechanical, plumbing and utility systems. Knowledge and experience with High Purity, High Pressure Gas, and Ground Support Equipment systems a plus.
    • Demonstrates proficiency of mechanical concepts including Psychometrics, Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow both compressible and incompressible.
    • Able to use computer software including Trane Trace, eQuest, and Microsoft Office. Knowledge of Microsoft Projects is a plus. Knowledge of AFT Arrow and Fathom and Caesar also a plus.
    • Ability to work well in a team environment and as an individual. Communicates well with individuals in the organization.
    • Capable of interpreting information set forth in a Basis of Design, field surveys and code research.
    • Applies engineering principles to resolve engineering problems and tasks assigned.
    • Develops and implements design criteria and system designs from concept through detailed design and construction.
    • Directs and mentors subordinate staff of their responsibilities on a daily basis.
  • The ME is a Mechanical Designer:
    • Implements criteria for distribution systems, researches applicable codes, and investigates system routing options and equipment room layouts.
    • Proficient in the use of design tools such as the Psychrometric Chart, Ductulator, and Pipe Flow.
    • Coordinates and implements the layout of distribution systems and equipment locations with team members within the discipline, as well as project team members in other disciplines.
    • Proficient with design drawing software including Revit and AutoCAD. Proficiency in Creo Parametric is a plus.
    • Performs system calculations. Sizes and selects system components.
    • Reviews shop drawing submittals, and travels to job sites to perform field verification.
  • The ME develops organizational skills including technical writing and time management:
    • Uses excellent writing skills to author basis of design (BOD) narratives, design criteria documents, Engineering Reports, and other high quality highly technical written documents as needed.
    • Uses excellent writing skills to edit design specifications; respond to Requests for Information (RFIs) incorporating information from project documents, specifications, shop drawings and design criteria; and prepare meeting notes.
    • Reads relevant project correspondence and maintains project design files.
    • Demonstrates willingness to work to meet deadlines as required by client demands.

Key Characteristics of the Ideal Mechanical Engineer (ME)

  • Called – A strong sense of knowing who you are (i.e., gifts, talents, competencies) and how you are to spend your life. We fulfill our calling by being excellent at what God designed us to be and we diligently pursue it.
  • Practice Servant Leadership – Leaders at Above Group are called to serve. We realize that effective leadership starts on the inside. We demonstrate that we are willing to do what others are unwilling to do. We will practice a Servant Leadership character that enriches the lives of others.
  • A Commitment to Above Group – An understanding of and a commitment to the special purpose, mission, and beliefs of Above Group and will have a value system compatible with our values.
  • People Abilities – Deep interest and care for people with an understanding of their primary interests, aims, strengths, and motivations.
  • Working with Customers – A demonstrated ability to accomplish results through collaboration with and development of strong relationships with our customers.
  • Organizational Skills – An ability to organize his/her own thoughts and work, while continually growing a results-oriented team. Ability to win the confidence of colleagues and office staff that demonstrates a well-functioning department.
  • Insight and Strategy – A focused sense of strategy, (i.e., possessing the knowledge and sixth sense for how to implement our mutual goals). The ability to set realistic objectives and achieve them.
  • A Sense of Timing – An intuitive sense of timing and appropriateness in relation to people and projects.
  • Work Capacity – Sufficient physical and emotional energy to deliver the results necessary to advance our mission.
  • Self-Starter – Creates ideas and follow through without prodding. (Balanced with judgment and knowing when and how to ask for assistance and counsel).
  • Enthusiasm – A heartfelt passion for the work we do, which displays optimism – but not overselling and overstating.
  • Character – A level of impeccable integrity that permeates others.
  • Passion – The Above Group Vision will be irresistible to the right person. People skills, organizational and communication abilities must be truly remarkable, this person will be excellent at vision-casting in a manner that inspires others to join with us and develop solid relationships.

Minimum Requirements

The Mechanical Engineer shall meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience (post degree)
  • Professional Engineering (PE) License
  • Current/Active NCEES registration in good standing
  • Operational Experience in both REVIT and AutoCAD
  • Excellent Communication skills, both oral and written
  • Position Located in Melbourne, FL
  • U.S. Citizen

Process of Candidacy

If after reading this Opportunity Profile, you sense the gifts and experiences you possess are a good initial match for Above Group, we invite you to begin the “Expression of Interest” process. We handle all candidate information and conversations confidentially. You may contact us at any stage of the process to get more information and to ask questions. (Contact information is below).

Please provide the following documents and responses for review:

  • A current resume.
  • Responses to the following questions (please type out the question and then your answer):
    1. Using what you have learned about Above Group from our website, this Opportunity Profile, and any other research you chose to conduct, describe how your life and career have prepared you to serve Above Group in this position? 
    2. Why is this the right time for you to serve in this role? Are you willing to “Count the Cost” to serve in such a role and why? 
    3. Describe what Servant Leadership means to you. Tell us how this has affected your career. What factors or habits are currently contributing to the vitality of your daily walk and how you serve others? 
    4. Have you ever filed bankruptcy or for general protection from your creditors? 
    5. Please share your personal as well as your work-related goals (needs, wants, desires, hopes, expectations, dreams). 
    6. Provide the names and contact information (telephone numbers and e-mail addresses) for four references who know you and your career well enough to comment on your suitability for this position. (References will only be contacted after we have requested and received your permission to do so).

The search will be conducted in a very thoughtful, thorough, and consistent manner, with a conscious effort to preserve the confidentiality of all candidates. The search committee is committed to offering each potential candidate the same consideration throughout the process.


There is a strong sense of urgency to fill this vital role.

Submit this information in Microsoft Word (.doc) format with attention to:

Hiring Manager at Above Group, Inc.


In the subject line of the email, please write “Mechanical Engineer.”