Posted on: November 23, 2016

Since 3D printing emerged, it is truly challenging manufacturing as we know it. 3D printing is changing product development and manufacturing, and transforming small businesses, individuals and corporations into makers. 3D printing has actually been around for quite some time but the progression of technology has really lowered the prices to a more feasible amount for consumers. Thanks to the internet, the materials needed for 3D printing are available to almost anyone. A few of the areas that 3D printing has and will have an impact on are healthcare, aerospace and defense, new products and mass customization.

3D printing has been around the healthcare field for a while, it been used for various items such as dentures and dental work, hearing aids and prosthetics. With advances in technology, professionals in the medical field are making attempts at printing skin and blood vessels.

As far as aerospace and defense, 3D printing has also been benefiting this field for some time, but the changes to 3D printing will potentially help the military by streamlining the supply chain, especially when in need of items on the battle field.

 Companies will have the ability to make a number of items, custom made for a specific consumer, like shoes for example will be able to be tailor made for the owner. Bringing new meaning the to the saying, ‘it fits like a glove’.

Undoubtedly, 3D Printing is going to change the manufacturing scene as we know it. The possibilities will be virtually endless.